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National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)

The “National Center for Contemporary Arts” Federal State Cultural Establishment is a museum, exhibition, and research organization founded by the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture in 1992. The Center's mission is: fostering the development of modern Russian art in the context of the global artistic process; generating and implementing programs and projects in the fields of contemporary arts, architecture, and design, both in Russia and abroad.

The NCCA currently has branches in St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kaliningrad, and Ekaterinburg. Preparations are underway for establishing a branch in Vladikavkaz. In the context of its exhibition programs and art projects the Center collaborates with many institutions, both at home and abroad, for one of the Center's main objectives is the integration of Russian contemporary art into the global artistic process.

Ekaterinburg Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts (EB NCCA)

The mission and activities of the NCCA Branch (established in 1999) are shaped by the strategy of introducing contemporary art into the city's public spaces. The Ekaterinburg Branch was the organizer of large-scale projects such as the “Long Stories of Ekaterinburg” festival, the “StolpoTvorenie” (Pandemonium) festival, the “Art-Factory” festival-laboratory, etc. “ZAART”, a magazine covering the cultural and artistic life of the Urals and the region's interconnections with global artistic processes, was published under the auspices of the Center in 2005–2008. The magazine became a sui generis printed “archive” of Ural art in the 2000s. Today the ZAART project is being transformed into an Internet resource presenting regional projects in the field of contemporary Russian culture.

The Branch is simultaneously engaged in putting together a collection of Ural-Siberian video. The Branch addresses the problem of enriching the region's cultural environment by bringing into the city large international partner projects (such as “In Transition Russia 2008”; “Performing Light”, an exhibition of Ulay, a classic of world performance; the “Art on Site” international project). The “Ural Factories: Industries of Meaning” program is being implemented here since 2008. Its goal is artistic reexamination of the subject of industrial realities in the urban environment.